Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata
Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata

OxyAqua was first launched in Bombay in the year 1994 and we are the Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata. With its unique purification system and great taste, OxyAqua soon became the bestselling mineral water brand in the country and it was rolled out nationally by 2000.

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Oxy Aqua
A Quality Product of Klenaex Hygienic Products
Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata

Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata



We at OxyAqua are committed to providing our consumers with pure, safe and healthy drinking water. Hence OxyAqua mineral water is our promise of pureness and we are the

Best packaged drinking water supplier in Kolkata.

Brand Advantage Oxy Aqua goes through an eight-step state-of-the-art purification process to give consumers pure water and perfect taste.

Bottled across India in 9 plants, Oxy Aqua is available across more than half a million outlets. Catering to diverse consumer needs and occasions, it is available in various pack sizes like  500ml, 1 ltr and 2 ltr bottles and in bulk water jars of  5ltr &20 ltrs.

Should You Drink Mineral Water?

If you suspect that your regular drinking water is low in minerals, could mineral water be a good thing to add to your diet? It might. Even the small amounts of minerals found in regular drinking water play a beneficial role in your health. Packaged drinking water (mineral water) contains up to four times as much calcium and magnesium as regular tap water. One study found that people whose drinking water was rich in minerals and magnesium were able to lower their blood pressure by drinking a liter of mineral water every day. Calcium and magnesium are important for strong bones.

Oxy Aqua is the face of KLEANEX HYGIENIC PRODUCTS.

In CSR activities KHP carries out water conservation initiatives and builds awareness about KHP efforts to replenish and restore the water table through its pack labels.

Oxy aqua packaged drinking water was introduced in 1994:- the brand promises the assurance of clean and safe drinking water. its communication through the years has been around trust and truth and at present, we are the best packaged drinking water supplier in Kolkata,

The oxy aqua water purification process :- oxy aqua water goes through a rigorous and intensive process of purification before it reaches the consumer. So whether it is a regular household need, office needs we are on call to serve you with our utmost sincerity.

OXY AQUA water comes with the assurance of safety from The KLEANEX HYGIENIC PRODUCTS That is why we introduced Oxy Aqua with reverse –osmosis along with the latest technology to ensure purity of our product. Because we believe that the right to pure, safe drinking water is fundamental.


Treated Water, Salts of sodium and magnesium

Pack Sizes Available

PET: 500ml, 1L, 2L, 5L

Nutrition Facts (Typical Values Per 100ml)

  • Energy: 0kcl
  • Magnesium: 0.1 mg
  • Protein: 0g
  • Sodium: 0.3mg
  • Carbohydrate: 0g
  • Suger: 0g
  • Fat: 0g

Product Information

Each drop of OXY AQUA water is processed with multi steps of latest R.O. technology of (Carbon filtration: Sand filtration: Micron filtration & Membrane filtration) + U.V. Sterilization + Ozonization to give you refreshingly clean & quality water.

Water used in our beverages is treated through a multiple process of purification so that the quality of water conforms to the Packaged drinking water quality as specified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This water is called the treated water. Salts of Sodium and Magnesium

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Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata
Packaged Drinking Water Supplier In Kolkata

Kleanex Hygienic Products is a concept to suit with the new age for creating a healthy and germ free secured life environment

Rakesh Kumar Jha
Rakesh Kumar Jha
drinking water

A Quality Product of Klenaex Hygienic Products

Through an efficient network of Distributors, we have been providing a convenient and reliable source of purest to hundreds of institutions and residents in Kolkata, door delivered as we are the best-packaged drinking water supplier in Kolkata.

Oxy Aqua supplier in kolkata
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We are serving more than 100 clients a year with all huge efforts and grown in the field of hygiene. We have also several big brands associated with us.

  • Kleanex Hygienic Products is best choice for me because it has all quality standards. I always suggest people to use these products as it is far better than other branded products in the market.

    Shankar Sharma
    Owner at Ashok Restaurant
  • I have many brands came across with but the quality of Kleanex Hygienic’s quality is best. Aesthetically proven and tested on several standard norms and they are the Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier in Kolkata.

    Ajit Shaw
    Owner at Delight India
  • I have a small startup and I am dealing with the small budget, I was amazingly surprised with the costing of the products.Cheap and trsutable.

    Aditi Grewal
  • This product is just amazing, it is doing well in my country, doing business with Mr. Jha is really very easy.I would rather suggest not to go with big brands.

    Mark Tuskin
    International client, Export Import