Double Power Dish Wash


After a long year research our team finally came across sparkNcleaner Double Power Dish Wash.

This pack contains: SparkNcleaner Dish wash twofold power dish wash gel, lemon, 750ml container (1 pack) with free SparkNcleaner Dish wash dish wash gel, lemon, 250ml jug (1 pack). Injected with the intensity of 100 lemons, 1 spoon of SparkNcleaner Dish wash gel is all you have to expel the hardest of oil from your utensils. It is extraordinary recipe guarantees that it pummels recolors however delicate staring you in the face. So whether it is mum’s singed halwa or your exploratory dal makhani, clean sparkly utensils are something you will get every time. Dish wash bars not just leave white buildup on your utensils after wash however can likewise harm or scratch your costly cookware’s fragile surfaces, for example, nonstick or earthenware. SparkNcleaner Dish washes gel with its exceptional definition guarantees that the hardest of oil is evacuated easily without harming your costly cookware. An extraordinary lemon aroma, simple to utilize bottle and the best oil cutting capacity. All these make SparkNcleaner Dish wash gel our best item ever, so proceed, try it out. Purchase 1 SparkNcleaner Dish wash twofold power dishwasher gel lemon, 750ml with free SparkNcleaner Dish wash twofold power dish wash gel lemon, 250ml.

Product Information

With the intensity of 100 lemons, 1 spoonful of this item is all you have to clean a sink brimming with dishes. SparkNcleaner Dish wash hostile to germ gel not just helps clean your messy rancid utensils rapidly and with no exertion yet, in addition, expels 99% germs from the dishes. In contrast to bars, SparkNcleaner Dish wash Gel does not leave any residue on the dishes and gives you a pleasant cleaning background with its invigorating lemon scent.

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A Quality Product of Klenaex Hygienic Products

Product Features: - # Concentrated Liquid: Less Consumption. # Removes Toughest of Stains from Utensils. # Double Powered with Vinegar Lime. # Lime Cleans Greasy Surface and Vinegar removes Residual Food Odor. # Anti corrosive: Prevents Rust Formation on Utensils. # Prevents Re-deposition of Dirt. # Suitable for All Types of Utensils. # Perfectly pH balanced and is Skin Environment friendly. # Packaging: 500ml; Refill pack 5 litres. Ingredients: Coco-Di-Ethanol-Amide, Surfactant, S.L.E.S., Citric Acid, Acetic Acid, Natural Color & Flavor. Dosages / Application: *For regular cleaning * Dilute 3 to 4 drops in a bowl of water. * Dip scrub in solution & use.

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  • Kleanex Hygienic Products is best choice for me because it has all quality standards. I always suggest people to use these products as it is far better than other branded products in the market.

    Shankar Sharma
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  • I have many brands came across with but the quality of Kleanex Hygienic’s quality is best. Aesthetically proven and tested on several standard norms and they are the Best Packaged Drinking Water Supplier in Kolkata.

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  • I have a small startup and I am dealing with the small budget, I was amazingly surprised with the costing of the products.Cheap and trsutable.

    Aditi Grewal
  • This product is just amazing, it is doing well in my country, doing business with Mr. Jha is really very easy.I would rather suggest not to go with big brands.

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